KessTech meets HARLEY & SNOW

Speedhillclimb 11.-13.03.2016 Ridnaun, Südtirol


This year KessTech will be a sponsor of the Speedhillclimb HARLEY & SNOW. The KessTech-signet will be on official advertisings and the numbers of the racedrivers as well. 

Christian Schütte, KessTech Managing Director, loves the idea of driving up a hill in the snow: “We honor the creativity and enthusiasm of the bikebuilders and racers. That`s the reason why we wanted to be sponsor of the event. And Ridnaun is a wonderful location.” 

KessTech, well-known as producer of high quality electronically adjustable muffler sound systems enjoys the partnership with HARLEY & SNOW. Christian Schütte again: “Getting up the mountain with the motorcycles its not as easy as it may look like. So respect to every competitor - man & machine against the mountain. It´s going to be a real “cool” event!” 

Raffaello del Core, KessTech Sales Manager Italy: “We are really happy to support the event with our Sponsorship. Right in the middle of the motorcycle “off-season” – Ridnaun will be a great party and we can´t wait to join all the racers and visitors.” 

KessTech is today the market leader for electronically adjustable muffler sound systems. The highly motivated and highly specialized employees at the Obertheres location in Germany develop and produce the premium systems. With now over 35,000 systems sold KessTech has made a significant name for itself in the scene, and its product range is constantly growing.