Ellr Background

Ellr - The eCall motorbike solution with community function

Ellr is relying on the community of bikers - because for them it is clear: Bikers help bikers!

Equipped with innovative sensors and algorithms, the Ellr safety system for motorcycles automatically detects emergency situations such as accidents or thefts and triggers a predefined emergency plan to ensure that you get help as quickly as possible.

The Ellr eCall-tracker easily connects to any battery-powered motorcycle. The tracker is equipped with GPS, a SIM card with global data plan and a gyro sensor that detects precise accelerations and inclinations. The device communicates with the biker (app), his guardian angel and the Ellr community via the Ellr cloud. The Ellr motorcycle tracking solution includes not only intelligent technology, but also an easy-to-use and free app for the rider and all volunteer Guardian Angels.