Now is your time.

Environmentally conscious! Illegal was yesterday - Today you drive legally!

Regulations are becoming stricter, police checks more frequent. ... exactly the right time to change from illegal to legal sound! Exchange your exhaust system now for a legal, type-approved KESSTECH system and save € 500,00 or € 400,00! Order now with the discount code "KT-ABWRACK500" your complete system and with the code "KT-ABWRACK400" your slip ons in our store!

Your advantages?

You save € 500,00 on all adjustable complete systems and € 400,00 on all adjustable slip ons. So you get a high-end product with the best sound and are legal as well as more environmentally conscious on the road.

It's that simple!

Order in our store at shop.kesstech.de/en with the respective discount code your KESSTECH system! Dismantle the old, illegal exhaust system and mount the new KESSTECH system. Send us the illegal/old system afterwards!


*The offer is valid until 31.01.2023! Already discounted products and products without flap control are excluded from the action!