4 years warranty Background

4 years warranty on everything - No part of the exhaust excluded!


The year has just started and after the Indian release there is already the second sensation from the development team of KessTech: 
4 years warranty on everything! 

Until the end of 2019 there was already a 4 year warranty on our adjusters and a 2 year warranty on the remaining parts of the exhaust system if you didn't have an engine tuning. 
What exactly changes? 
For all systems delivered from 2020, there is now automatically, without extra charge and small print, a 4 year warranty on everything. We are the only manufacturer who gives a 4 year warranty on absolutely everything! No matter if it’s the valve, the electronics, the handlebar switch, the coating, ... Really everything, without exceptions or special conditions for single parts. 
Why do we do this? Because we can! We are the inventor of adjustable exhaust systems with EU type approval. We are the ones with the longest experience. We carry out continuous tests which confirm that our systems can easily withstand these 4 years. Therefore, we give you our quality promise: 4 years warranty on everything! No additional or new special conditions!
Accordingly we have updated our  terms and conditions